This is the only way to begin:

Named “Top 10 Greenwasher”

Involved in document depletion cover-up

MM’s worst corporation list for 5 years

Paid $259 million to Washington’s lobbyist

Target to numerous boycotts

Greenwash award for “Public Deception”

#2 worst company on earth

And like I said, this is only the beginning. Kraft is a company that holds ownership over many products, it isn’t a one hit company but, sells products in six different categories all falling under “packaged food”. It is the second largest packaged food distributer (Nestle is first) but their history and current production is filled with human right violations and other unethical practices.

Kraft has recently merged with Heinz to from the Kraft-Heinz company. The two merged during the height of “war on processed foods” and when Kraft was being beaten for their lack of consideration for the environment and their lack of transparency. Unfrtanetly, the merger has not increased either of those things.

Kraft is a company with many secrets behind the labels. Many consumers ae unaware of every brand that Kraft even owns, including “ethical companies” such as Green and Black Chocolate which was originally owned by Cadbury and then taken over by Kraft. This chocolate brand puts on the front of an ethical purchase but is traced with the violations that come with being “Kraft brand”.

Another secret in the Kraft company is their “commitment to sustainability”. Kraft advertises that they are trying to emit greenhouse gases and create more sustainable production but when you look at their actual reports they are not working to change anything. It is just a marketing facade to keep consumers happy.

Kraft is also one of the leaders in the palm oil industry, using palm oil from plantation using trafficked labor, child labor, contract violations, and exposure to harmful chemicals.  Each planation studied was certified under the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” (RSPO) which is seeking to make palm oil ethical and sustainable. Unfortunately, this organization cannot be trusted either because it is run by the leaders in the palm oil industry who value profit over human life.

Beyond their production lines, Kraft also has negative effects for the consumers. Little did we know, right? Many of Krafts products contain chemicals to enhance color and make the food look more appetizing. Most notably, yellow 5 in Macaroni and Cheese. Yellow 5 has been linked to asthma, rashes, hyperactivity, and cancer. In many countries they require a warning label if it is in a product and in other countries the chemical is band, yet, Kraft puts in kids lunches everyday without letting the consumer know what they are actually eating.

With a company that has over $43 billion in annual revenues these abuses cannot be overlooked. Kraft has failed to honor human rights at each step of their process. We need to use our dollars to vote against these practices.


Written By: Katelynn Behrens


The Better World Shopper