Lush cosmetics are 100% vegetarian, 81% vegan, and 70% contain no preservatives. These facts alone are worthy of recognition but Lush doesn’t stop there. Lush uses minimal packaging (and avoiding harmful chemicals in packaging) to minimize waste and to conserve the environment. They have fought against animal cruelty before animal testing was outlawed by the U.N. and they have tried to eliminate palm oil use because of its use of slavery and very harmful effects on the environment.

Limited packaging and no advertising has also provided high profit margins for Lush and has given them the flexibility to support different campaigns such as fair trials for Guantanamo prisoners. Lush supports radical movements in human rights that has led to some negative press. The good thing is that they are open and forward about what they support. This gives their consumers the ability to decide whether or not they want to give their dollar to this brand. This being said, many people against Lush are actually just against the movements they are supporting.

Lush also has set a limit on salary margins, in fact the highest salary cannot grow beyond 17 times that of the bottom (which is a very small difference compared to competitors). They do not advertise as fair trade, but go far beyond fair trade standards. Lush invests in all of the communities that are producing their raw materials. In fact, they spend a minimum of 2% of the costs of the raw materials on sustainable farming projects in that community. Lush buys products from all over the world and produces their products in a variety of places as well. That being said, when they are buying they make sure to look at the environmental impacts, human rights, and also the transportation distance to avoid large amounts of air freight travel. To see more about where they buy from go here, Lush Sources.

Lush does not claim to be ALL-natural. They do advertise a handmade product, which they do provide. Therefore, when reading some articles against Lush you will find false claims that Lush makes. They claim to using certain preservatives and packaging and on their website give information on why and the effects of these.

Therefore, Lush may have chemicals or substances in their products that you have chosen no t to use such as things labeled, ‘fragrance’. This could be made up of anything so many people veer away from it. That is okay to do, but having this ingredient is not a reason to ridicule Lush advertisements or claims.

Written By: Katelynn Behrens