Don’t know the name? I bet you know their products.

Procter and Gamble are the owners of dozens of companies including Herbal Essences, Secret Deodorant, Dawn dish soap, Always & Tampax feminine hygiene products, Aussie, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Crest toothpaste, Bounce, Cascade, Febreeze, Downy, Cheer, Tide, and a bunch more. (To see the full list go to

P&G operates in 70 countries and receives a little over 40% of their revenue from the U.S. and Canada. In 2016 they spent $7.2 billion on advertising. Their net revenue has been decreasing in the years 2012-2016 while their net income has increased. They have recently been selling factories (many in the U.S.) decreasing their footprint, increasing efficiency, and also cutting over 24,000 jobs.

P&G has a rather rough and rocky ethic structure. Violations of human rights and dignity begins with their palm oil. Palm oil is sold and used in many P&G products and is grown and harvested in Malaysia by Felda Global Ventures. Sadly, Felda is known to use slavery and has enormous amount of complaints on the mistreatment of all workers. P&G is aware of these human right violations but still chooses to buy from Felda, in order that they can get cheap palm oil.

Next, they have also been found guilty of rapid deforestation in the Sumatra forest which has led the Sumatra Tiger and Orangutan heading toward the brink of extinction. Again, when P&G was made aware of this no changes were made.

P&G has also been involved in anti-union lobbying, trademark bullying, fake advertisement photos, inhumane animal testing, and pricing their products at higher than competitive prices based on the premise that their products were higher quality whether or not they were. So why haven’t you heard of all of this? Well, P&G has any easy time cover up the news stories and press with their $7.2 billion advertising budget.

The bigger the company doesn’t strictly equate to more corruption but it does put a much heavier responsibility on these companies. P&G has the power and ability to transform lives and to act in just ways. But profit is their priority, so exploitation is rampant. Of course, in this situation it is even scarier because they have the power of their dollar to hide the bad media. Fortunately, as consumers we also have the power of our dollar and can choose to use it elsewhere.


Written By: Katelynn Behrens