Nobody can believe the crazy cheap prices when looking at a price tag at Forever 21 so maybe we shouldn’t believe it. Sadly, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Cheap prices are not just a cut for the consumer. Someone has to pay. So how bad is it?

Forever 21 has been sued a number of times and found guilty of human rights violations countless times. Workers at factories producing clothes for Forever 21 are working 6 days a week for 12 hours a day and making below minimum wage. It has been reported that many factories are quite dirty, do not have safe working conditions, and cockroaches and rats roam the rooms. They have been found guilty of child and slave labor all the way down to the cotton supply.

Forever 21 will not take responsibility for their violations claiming that they cannot be held reliable for their sources (Forever 21 does not own their factories). Yet, they make their suppliers sign a code of conduct containing human right mandates that are clearly being broken. They also fail to give out any information on their suppliers and their code of conduct has not been updates in over 4 years.

Beyond the horrific working conditions Forever 21 is also a huge player in the fast fashion industry. Not only do they encourage consuming excess and buying more, they also do not make quality clothing. Many of their pieces have not seemed to last more than a few washings. This is creating a huge amount of waste.

Sadly, Forever 21 also prints out John 3:16 on the bottom of each of their yellow bags. This should be something to rejoice about but not when the bag contains the livelihood and happiness of many individuals who are being taken advantage of.

Forever 21 is a sad example of the consumeristic starving to get more for less and what it actually takes to make that happen. It is a good reminder that prices are not always about a companies greediness and profit but rather making a clean supply chain finishing with a lasting product that will not be quickly thrown away.

If you love Forever 21 and are disappointed in this review I encourage you to write them a letter and get your friends to do the same. We have power in the decisions and changes of a company. If people stop buying items made by hurting people they will stop hurting people. Give it a try!