Smart wool is another company under VF production that has eliminated the third party producers (see North Face post). But, as said, all VF companies are not the same. Each one is dependent on their own priorities, the place in which they produce, and the needed materials to produce.

To begin, where do they supply the wool for these plush socks? “Our Supply Chain really begins with flocks of hardy Merino sheep grazing on lush grass in the shadow of jagged mountains.” Smart wool values the sheep that will supply them with wool greatly. They have cultivated relationships with the sheep farmers to ensure safe and fair treatment of the fluffy animals.

On top of great treatment of sheep, Smart Wool values the knitters of their artisan socks. Every pair of  Smart Wool performance socks are made in the U.S.A. and 95% of lifestyle socks are as well. Quality is built into their production system as well as the responsibility to create a supply chain that the we would expect for ourselves. They audit factories and subcontractors every year using internal and external resources to do so.

Smart Wool has created a happy and healthy working condition form the sheep to the shop! They also encourages buyers to get outdoors and live a healthy life, so grab a cozy pair of socks and seek adventure!